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Church-based civil defense?
Small-town plan reaches
White House door.
November 16, 2005

"Our partnership with C-FAC represents the perfect example of community policing. Together, as a team, we are able to be more vigilant in our efforts at keeping our residents safe."

Director Joe Henner
Department of Public Safety
City of Grants Pass, Oregon

"Over many years C-FAC has been invaluable, and is enthusiastically supported by our local law enforcement agencies...This is an infectious and expansive concept that benefits everyone."

Sheriff Gil Gilbertson
Josephine County, Oregon

President Bush's Speech on Homeland Security 11-08-2001

"C-FAC Keynote Speaker"
Homeland Defense Meeting
Dr. Tony Kern, Lt Col, USAF (Ret)
Frmr Director of Military History,
USAF Academy.

As seen on CBS '48 Hours',
click here for Dr. Kern's
'Open Letter to Americans'

"Homeland Defense:
A Call to the Churches"

Churches are the largest 'network' of Americans, evenly spread throughout the country from small town to big cities. As such, church members can play an important role in national security during these difficult times by getting involved in community policing. This article by C-FAC's president explains how...
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233 Rogue River Highway, PMB 172
Grants Pass, OR 97527

Department of Homeland Security

C-FAC and Homeland Security
In post-9/11 America, citizens are repeatedly urged to be aware of any suspicious activity. An organization like Concerned Fathers Against Crime becomes all the more important in these times of great danger to our civil society. C-FAC's mission has always been to provide massive volunteer support in patrolling the community, thereby helping law enforcement and inspiring fathers and sons to get more involved in taking responsibility for community safety.

"With the events of September 11th, it is now more important than ever to have the assistance of C-FAC in our community." Sheriff Dave Daniel, Josephine County, Oregon

"We understand that responsible and dedicated organizations such as C-FAC play a vital role in our society, which is why we are once again asking for your valued assistance..." Director Ron Schwartz, Grants Pass Public safety Department

Local letters of request for C-FAC's help in homeland security.
Department of Public Safety, Grants Pass, Oregon, 11/06/2001
Sheriff's Office, Josephine County, Oregon, 11/14/2001

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What is C-FAC?
Concerned Fathers Against Crime (C-FAC) is an independent Oregon non-profit group that helps fight crime with volunteer patrols. We are a mobile "neighborhood watch" organization that uses cellular phones and goes where the county and the city need us most. We are not a substitute for trained law enforcement personnel; in fact,we depend on them entirely. We are an "eyes and ears only" patrol that seeks to be of service to the men and women who risk their lives every day to ensure our safety, and the safety of our families.

The Vision
C-FAC was founded in 1994 in cooperation with the Sheriffs Office of Josephine County, Oregon. Our mission is two-fold: We seek to assist law enforcement personnel to decrease their burdens and give them a sense that the community is solidly behind them. We also want to give responsible fathers and their sons an opportunity to get more involved in guaranteeing the safety and well being of their communities.

The System
The secret to Concerned Fathers Against Crime has always been lots of men committed to doing only a little. C-FAC asks the fathers of the community (and fathers to be) for only one patrol every two months. Six patrols a year is the entire commitment for the average C-FAC volunteer.

Each patrol is given a cellular phone donated by U.S. Cellular. C-FAC adheres to a strict non-involvement policy. Patrol volunteers do not get involved in a crime scene beyond witnessing and reporting. C-FAC strongly believes that being the "eyes-and-ears" of law enforcement can have an intimidating effect on the criminal element. We keep focused on that goal, to prevent crime rather than stopping it in process. Although C-FAC volunteers have called in many arrests, our primary goal is to limit crime by establishing a continual presence in our community. The larger the group of fathers patrolling, the more beneficial it is to the community. It's that simple.

Who is C-FAC?
Our concerned fathers are your neighbors, your doctors, your teachers, your business owners, your employees -- your builders and dreamers -- We are realtors, contractors, dentists, firemen, farmers, engineers, pastors, plumbers, retailers, retirees, school board members, and even a U.S. Air Force general.

C-FAC volunteers patrol out of genuine concern that something needs to be done to keep criminals from becoming established in our area, from gang members to drug dealers to petty criminals and vandals.

Your community and your law enforcement agencies need your help. By getting involved in C-FAC, you can play a role in making your community a safer place to live.

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